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In our ''ooka tiles'' studio we design and create hand-made, integrated ceramic tiles. Our tiles have unique shapes. When these tiles are placed in succession, new compositions are formed that enrich the covered surface and create a work of art. Every tile has its own distinctive shape and every tile is available in a spectacular range of colors. Each group of tiles forms a repetitive pattern that creates a beautiful geometric design. This combination of tiles in various colors and shapes creates innumerable visual possibilities of fine craftmanship.
In our ''ooka tiles'' studio we offer ceramic tiles in a large variety of shapes and in a wide range of colors. This allows the customer himself to become a creative artisan, assembling and constructing a special work of art for his individual needs. The product is guaranteed permanence as the tiles are made of high quality clay and are fired at high temperatures. The glazes are composed and produced in our own studio and this ensures their durability and uniqueness of color. The single tile is inspired by mediterranean motifs and asethetics. assembling these tiles roduces surprising combinations of different characteristics –- traditional, modern, multi-colored, monochromatic and more.
with our ''ooka tiles'' it is possible to convert ordinary floors, walls, panels, kitchens, bathrooms, etc., into works of art. The high quality of our tiles allows for their use both indoors and outdoors and thus invites an unlimited range of possibilities. The customer receives the tiles already in place on a plastic grid that enables an easy installation.
Architects, interior designers, landscape artists, decorators, renovators and house owners are invited to come and create and assemble their own unique combinations according to their individual taste and style. You will find a detailed description of colors and shapes in our on-line catalogue.